As State Representative of District 36, I will focus on:

1. Directing more funding to the classrooms and streamline education regulations

  • Quality education is the key to future success. I will fight to direct more funding to the classroom so that every Hoosier child has the opportunity to receive a quality education.
  • Furthermore, I will work to ensure that our schools are spending more time educating students than adhering to outdated and redundant regulations.

2. Protecting manufacturing jobs 

  • We must make certain that Indiana continues to attract businesses from around the world.
  • This includes ensuring that Hoosiers have the education and skills necessary to fill positions while not burdening companies with unnecessary or outdated regulations.
  • Our state – and our community – have strong manufacturing backgrounds. As a grandson to two lifelong General Motors employees, I understand the value that these jobs provide for Hoosier communities and their families. 

3. Promoting workforce development

  • I will promote initiatives that allow Hoosiers to obtain necessary certifications and training in an efficient manner.
  • Many of today’s highest-paying jobs do not require a four-year degree. Instead, they require technical licenses or certifications.

4. Supporting market-driven solutions to lower healthcare and prescription drugs costs

5. Keeping Indiana’s budget balanced

  • As your State Representative, I will support a balanced budget that funds the state’s necessary initiatives while avoiding overspending and putting our future at risk.
  • Just as Hoosiers families must live within their budget, the State of Indiana must operate within theirs.

6. Promote opportunities for students to attend trade schools to acquire hands-on skills for high paying jobs while also avoiding large amounts of student loans