A husband, father, and pragmatic Conservative dedicated to lowering taxes, addressing crime and abandoned homes, & ensuring Hoosiers survive Biden's broken economy.

A proud grandson of two lifelong General Motors employees, he will fight to protect current jobs and will work to promote future job growth.


Advocating for the Citizens of House District 36

  • Funding the Classroom

    Quality education is the key to future success. Kyle Pierce will fight to direct more funding to the classroom so that every Hoosier child has the opportunity to receive a quality education.

  • Protecting Manufacturing Jobs

    We must make certain that Indiana continues to attract businesses from around the world. Kyle Pierce understands the value these jobs provide for Hoosier communities and their families.

  • Keeping Indiana’s Budget Balanced

    Kyle Pierce will support a balanced budget that funds the state’s necessary initiatives while avoiding overspending and putting our futures at risk.

    Kyle Pierce for House District 36

    Become A Volunteer

    From phone banking to hosting events, there are many ways to get involved and Team Pierce appreciates your support.